Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Say What?

After a two-year hiatus (during which two new members joined our family, which has much to do with my long absence), I am happy to announce that...I'm back!  :)  This blog is back on my priority list (it has been there in the past, believe it or not), so I will be updating it a lot more often.

I will be posting about some highlights from the past couple of years, but in the meantime I wanted to make note of some recent conversations we've had 'round these parts...

During breakfast one morning recently
Hannah:  Mommy, what do bears eat?

Me:  Hmm, they eat berries, and fish, and--

Adam:  People.

After Hannah's bath one night
Me:  Oh Hannah, you smell so good!

Hannah:  What??  I not food!

After giving me a big hug yesterday
Hannah:  Mommy, you so pretty.

Me:  Oh thank you, Hannah!  That's so sweet to say!

Hannah:  Yes.  And I so pretty, too.

While laughing their heads off about something while in the playroom
Adam  (catching his breath):  What are we laughing about?

Hannah:  I don't know...

Adam and Hannah (throwing back their heads):  Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Coming into my room after having a bad dream
Adam:  I had a really bad dream!

Me:  I'm sorry buddy!  What happened?

Adam:  There was a big M&M, and he was a pirate, and he stepped on me and then stabbed me with his sword, and then he killed me!  And then I killed him and ate a piece of him.

Me  (trying not to laugh):  Oh...

Tommy (without cracking a smile):  So, was he a peanut M&M or a plain one?

Adam:  He was a pretzel one.  I ripped out the pretzel and ate it.

After hearing Hannah quote the bad king from "Night at the Museum 2"
Adam:  Hannah, you shouldn't copy that guy!  He doesn't follow God's commandments!

Here a few of my favorite words/phrases from Hannah's vocabulary:

What you funny to for?  =  What are you laughing about?
Toweyeduh  =  Cinderella or gorilla
I pardemood.  =  I tooted.
glapes  =  grapes
I cake a ___?  =  Can I have a ___?
Yadies and Gemmamin!  =  Ladies and Gentlemen!

These kids definitely keep us laughing...  :)

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BWei said...

So glad I kept you on my reader! I LOVE these quotes and can't wait to see more.